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    My name is GeeGee the Monkey from Prodigee.
    You might not recognize me, I started to exercise and drink Protein shakes so I gained some weight recently.

    I was chosen by our team to represent the Prodigee brand. I was born in 2012 and lived in San Diego, California all my life. I will be around to share with you our passions and values. I will also announce company messages, holidays, new arrivals, sales events, and more.


    Before we begin, I would like to answer the one question everyone keeps asking me;
    “Why did we choose the name Prodigee?”. The definition of the word Prodigy: “a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities”.
    Besides the exceptional qualities and abilities (which my team really doesn’t have – notice the way we spell our name) we are young, and motivated to learn and grow.

    Prodigee is a young and talented group of people who are excited about technology and inspired by the geniuses behind this revolution. Although we are only dressing up the devices we all carry in our pocket, these small animals are changing the way we live. Not being so smart ourselves, it feels nice to accessorize such an intelligent and innovative industry.
    Our drive and motivation comes from design and the creative process. Making new friends and relationships, visiting new countries and learning about new cultures inspires us to create beautiful covers for the gadgets people use every day.

    We are in an industry that brings so much excitement to our life, the passion for creating our line of accessories should be exciting as well. Our portfolio is diverse, full of flavor and color, what we can create is limitless. We are here to provide a blend that complements protection, fashion, and function. As a young company, we would like to support and give opportunity to young artists and designers to bring their skills, ideas, and art to life. We are thankful for the opportunity to sell our products all over the world. The trust and positive energy of creating new relationships continues to be our biggest reward.

    Our team works hard, and is determined to reach our high goals. However, at the same time, we are not willing to compromise and give up on the most important values and principles of enjoying the journey and having fun along the way.

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  • Iface

    iFace mall 

    • Hybrid Case Technology 
    • Polycarbonate Hard-shell with Thermal Plastic Polyurethane Inside
    • Ultra slim design, easy installation
    • Side Grips for Easy Holding
    • Protect your phone from scratches and bumps
    • Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the bumper
  • Kensington
  • Halocase

    Get the perfect selfie first time every time with this perfectly lit selfie case!

  • Incipio


    Customer focused, product centric.

    Founded in Southern California in 1999, Incipio's strategy begins with a commitment to our customers and a passion for amazing product.

    The strategy behind the formula that has driven Incipio's success is based on operational excellence coupled with a commitment to product design, all backed by a robust manufacturing proficiency. Today, the mobile consumer seeks lifestyle brands and products that resonate with them. Incipio's strategy of delivering a mix of premium company owned brands, licensed blue chip brands, and retail have quickly cemented Incipio as the dominant global supplier to the industry.

    Incipio's global presence allows the company to deliver mobile device accessories and solutions to a diversified customer base quickly and efficiently.

    What was once a startup that grew out of a suburban garage has turned into an international powerhouse, with an incredibly diverse portfolio of company owned brands and licensed brands fused with a wide assortment of products that reach mobile consumers everywhere technology is purchased. With a far-reaching footprint and retail reach of over 50,000 storefronts spanning multiple categories; Incipio's range and presence is unparalleled. Incipio's business model flourishes with a commitment to our customers and a passion for amazing products.

    For more information about Incipio please visit the Incipio Group website.

  • Armor-X

    Empower Your Smart Devices In Extremes

    ARMOR-X designs, develops and manufactures premium accessories and mounting solutions for the outdoors and active lifestyle. 

    We connect the athletes, invention and amazing people. Aiming to provide our customers with the best user experience, the designs bring together form and function for people who blur the lines between work and play, whether at traveling, in the outdoors or in an extreme environment.


    "I use my smartphone as a GPS, Camera and Music Player, It is more than just a phone and it becomes my personal computer. I will bring it with me all the time. I thought it would be great if I were able to see my smart devices while riding, driving, jogging or even cooking. I love taking photos and now I used my phones as the second screen & remote for my camera."
    This is the exact concept that led industrial designer James to develop a solution that would allow you to free your hands when you are using your smart device or turn your smartphone into action sport camera.


    Armor-X are currently selling to more than 20 different countries and you can find our products in I.T. / wireless channels, bike, marine, motorcycle, phone repair, car, marine, fishing & hunting, ski and outdoors. 

    Some industries, such as fire flighting, aviation, farming, music or food & brewage are using our mounting solutions.


    Armor-X media coverage can be found across platforms. Reviews of our products and item details can be found in various magazines, product catalogues, and retail website, in print and online.


    Armor-X exhibits in major trade shows for electronics, outdoor, bike and marine. 

    Please find more information in our website


    We love sports & outdoors. We sponsor bike, ski and rugby event. 
    If you have any ideas for marketing Armor-X, please feel free to let us know.


    We have a professional logistic team and partners to support our services. Hope you enjoy shopping with us.

    Who is ARMOR-X?

    ARMOR-X ( ) is a professional-grade, shockproof and waterproof case & mounting system manufacturer. You can find more information about our products on our website.

     Why ARMOR-X?

    We have designed and developed the patented X-Mount System, a built-in mounting system that allows users to increase the utility of their mobile devices for use outdoors and during various sporting activities. Just Simply “ Slide, Lock & Go! “

    What is X-Mount System?

    It allows Armor-X protected devices to be mounted interchangeably on bicycles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and on marine vehicles such as jet skis, sailboats or speedboats. With Armor-X and the X-Mount System, devices become rugged GPS navigators, Action Cameras, and companions in extreme terrain or weather, and underwater.

  • Lifeproof

    Unfortunately at this point in time we are not stocking the life proof range of case's but check back at a later date as we may have them back in stock soon!

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