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When your moment comes, will you be ready?

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The Story.

Inspired by the words of Marianne Williamson, Nelson Mandela and the wise Coach Carter, we’ve put a slight twist on a timeless quote and it's become our mission:

“As we let our own light shine, we consciously allow others to do the same.” 

In 2015 when results of a number of studies were released that showed certain ingredients and compounds can increase mental function, Dr Sam Prince and Stephen Chapman began developing Australia's first drink designed to enhance brain function. 

Shine+ is Australia's first smart drink.

It’s an upgrade for your mind. It was scientifically formulated with highly functional and evidence-based ingredients designed for optimal brain function and health.

It’s very different to any other drink on the market and it’s known as Australia’s first ‘nootropic’ drink. Nootropics are defined as "compounds that enhance mental performance, memory recall or learning capabilities with no adverse side effects."

In today’s highly competitive and stressful world, your mind is your tool to success.

We no longer need to be physically ready to hunt a woolly mammoth or defend our families from saber-toothed tigers, these are not the problems we face anymore. 

Remembering names and places, speaking fluently, multi-tasking, strategic thinking and decision making... these are the skills we need today to survive and get ahead.

The human mind is an incredible thing, it’s more powerful than you can imagine. We are here to help you think brighter everyday.


Our Values.

At Shine, we have four core values that we embody and live:


The road to success is not accessible without the will to work hard and create opportunities for yourself to get ahead.


It’s always important to remember where you started, where you came  from. We must continue our hard work when our big moments grow into  success. 



When we talk about ‘smart’, it’s not just about your IQ. We  mean being emotionally intelligent, having an awareness of the world  around you and trusting your gut.



We are fiercely loyal to our customers and each other in the team. We will         be there every step of the way on your journey to success.


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Shine+ Smart Drink

Shine+ Smart Drink

When your moment comes, will you be ready?

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